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All About Jim


Jim Fambrough is a native of Florida but has lived in Georgia for the past 40 years.  He and his wife reside in Dahlonega, Georgia where Jim enjoys drawing, painting, printmaking, and furniture making.  He attended Pratt Institute in New York City where he received his bachelor's degree in Industrial Design.  Later he attended the University of the Americas in Mexico City where he received a Masters of Fine Arts.  The artist has taught drawing and painting at Georgia Tech, the University of North Georgia, and the Buisson Arts Center in Dahlonega.  He has exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows locally, regionally, and nationally, winning multiple awards.   

Jim enjoys working with mixed media because of the bold and powerful statements that can result from combining materials together.  Tissue paper, fabrics, and cardboard are his favorite media.  Textures and found objects, labels, etc. are accents to his work as he creates his assemblage into a colorful landscape, still life, or abstract design.  The scale of the artist’s work ranges from print-size to large wall pieces.  Jim says, “I never know just where the piece is going until well into the process.  I often let the media lead me as it expresses itself to form a composition.”  Jim also works in acrylics and produces graphic prints.

Jim also enjoys designing and painting sets for the local Holly Community Theatre in Dahlonega.

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